Sunday, October 14

Really? LG Nexus Story

Android over the years has vastly improved upon the overall  experience of their fledging OS. The Nexus One was a beautiful device and was on par with its flagship peers of the time. The Nexus S grew on us but was cursed with a pentile display and lackluster 5 megapixel camera. Last years Galaxy Nexus was arguably the best Android device at the time of its release and those of us in the tech world still hold the device in high regard, it could've had a better camera and some have complained about the 720p pentile display. Step into October 2012 and we have a slew of leaks about a possible LG Nexus and the Android community isn't impressed thus far to say the least. We want to see Google blow us away like they did with the Nexus 7 and if the rumors are true that may just be a pipe dream. I've gotta admit for a cheap price the device is kind of growing on me but its just not up to snuff spec wise just like the last two Nexus devices. Let's all hope I'm eating my words along with the Tech sphere as a whole but if the past is any sign then what else were we to expect?

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