Tuesday, May 29

HTC Kingdom Evo Design 4G/ Hero S Leaked ICS Review

Okay so this leak can be had an seen here a special thanks goes to saragon19 for packaging it up for all Kingdom devices to use. There are also several mods and discussions going on over at SDX Developers concerning this Leak

Let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we? So I was jubilant last month when I found this had leaked and immediately got to flashing several minor issues I had right away like WiFi not working for one. I sang the praises of the Rom all the while knowing that it seemed a bit laggy when it came down to certain routine tasks and really just all around in comparison to the highly stable 2.3.4 Gingerbread that the device shipped with. So I lived with the lag in order to satisfy my need for the ICS versions of Apps all the while checking online everywhere for a newer better leak but still not looking back to Gingerbread.

Almost a month past like that and finally one day in a fit of rage I decided to go back to what I knew to be the most stable version of Android on any device I'd come in contact with (Also childishly posted a rant to my buddys on SDX sorry guys).

So if you can live with that lag system wide then give this a shot and hey we may get a sweet kernel soon enough to make our device fly, stay tuned!

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