Thursday, April 28

Verizon Casio G'zOne Commando Now Available

The Casio G'zOne Commando is up on the Verizon site for purchase. I could tell you all about the device but I'll let Verizon do the talking. Here are the details from Verizon Wireless

Brain Powered Gear– Introducing the first G’zOne Android phone! Continuing in the rough and tough G’zOne heritage, the Commando now adds the versatility of Android
Rugged– With MIL–STD–810G certification, the Commando meets military standards for water, shock, and dust resistance, making it perfect for any situation that life can throw at it –from the boardroom to the beach.
Secure– Not only is the Commando physically secure, but all of your information stored on the device is secure as well. With Exchange Active Sync you can ensure that confidential information stays that way by setting up SSL data encryption, device password policies, remote wipe options and more.
Versatile– G’zGEAR applications like the Earth Compass, Walking Counter, Adventure Training, Thermometer, and Tide Calculator can help you to get in touch with the outdoors and fully embrace the active, adventure driven lifestyle
XT9 and T9Trace allow for quick and easy input of text with enhanced accuracy.
Enjoy enhanced sound from the speakers so you can share your favorite music or hold a conference call loudly and clearly.
Customizable– download the applications that fit your needs, work, and lifestyle from the Android Market and the V CAST App store.

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