Thursday, April 28

Android Needs a Better Twitter App?

I used to be so up to the minute on Twitter and now I can't seem to go beyond reading a few tweets. The difference?  I used to access Twitter from a BlackBerry via ├╝bertwitter. Don't get me wrong I have no desire to back to my BlackBerry days, I just want a similar experience to ├╝bertwitter. Twidroyd, nah. TweetDeck, not cutting it. Seesmic, needs some work. Tweetcaster, bleh. Plume, sorry but no thanks. That leaves me running the Official Twitter for Android app. Android Twitter App Devs please get it together! With the latest update of Twitter for Android I am a little happier they finally included a smaller font size. I am still left hanging not enjoying Twitter nearly as much as I once did and feeling much less informed because of it. Maybe I will create my own Twitter app or maybe one of our awesome Devs in the Android Community will whip us up something sweet. Till then Twitter for Android it is.

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